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Revision 4 . . August 30, 2005 11:32 am by Jima [updated machine inventory]
Revision 3 . . January 1, 2005 1:35 pm by Jima [Added SS20, updated some descriptions]

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Changed: 7c7
I currently own:
I currently own (and care about):

Changed: 9,11c9
;SPARCstation IPC ("hex"):Not running. I just found this under my desk. No idea how long it was down there.
;[SPARCstation 2]? ("pizzabox"):Loud, whiny machine. Gave up on it after too many failed attempts to transition to Aurora 1.91.
;SPARCstation LX ("wtf"):Cute little IPmasq router at my sister's house. (1.92)
;SPARCstation LX ("wtf"):Cute little IPmasq router at a friend's house. (1.92)

Changed: 13c11
;SPARCstation 4 ("mead"):Currently my 1.0 testbed for sparcv7/sparcv8 builds. (1.0)
;SPARCstation 4 ("mead"):Offline.

Changed: 16c14
;Ultra 1 ("yum"):Web server. (1.92}
;Ultra 1 ("yum"):Web server. (1.92)

Changed: 18c16,17
;Ultra 1 ("ren"):Presently not doing anything useful. (1.92)
;Ultra 1 ("chux"):Shell box for the Northfield Linux User Group. (1.92)
;Ultra 2 ("blackout"):No idea yet; I just got it. (1.0, hopefully Corona RSN)

Changed: 25c24
;SPARCclassic? ("dialtone"):Surprisingly reliable mail server. (RedHat? 6.2 -- be afraid)
;SPARCclassic? ("hex"):Another lunchbox IPmasq router. (1.92)

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