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(Information partly taken from [Obsolyte.com])

The SPARCstation 5 is a sun4m based workstation which came in 4 variants: 70MHz, 85MHz, 110MHz and 170MHz. The 70, 80 and 110's use a microSPARC processor made by Texas Instruments, but the 170 uses a Fujitsu TurboSPARC, a completely diffent CPU. This CPU is not fully supported by Linux, which results in some compatibility problems.

(Actually, my 70/110 seem to have Fujitsu processors, according to /proc/cpuinfo. Not sure what that's all about. - Jima)

All SPARCstation 5's came with 3 SBUS slots, and a higher-speed bus known as AFX, which shared it's connection with SBUS slot 3, which also placed it furthest from the power supply. This bus seems to have been exclusively created for higher-speed graphics cards, a "sort-of AGP" that allowed the use of signifigantly faster and higher capability framebuffers, including a 24-bit model called "S24?".

Tested Configurations

Aurora Version Configuration Remarks Reporter
1.0 170MHz TurboSPARC, Sun S24? (24bit) framebuffer, 256MB RAM Used as a workstation. Aurora 1.0 can be installed and runs, but is not as stable as on other machines - the occasional crash of freeze could be experienced Emgaron
1.92 110MHz microSPARC II, Sun TGX video, 128MB RAM Works fine, quite stable. Only used headless. Jima
1.92 70MHz microSPARC II, no video, 64MB RAM Works fine, quite stable. Fairly slow. Only used headless (err, obviously enough). Jima

Detailed Specifications

Architecture: sun4m
Processor(s): microSPARC II @ 70MHz, 85MHz or 110MHz
TurboSPARC @ 170MHz
Busses: SBus (3 slots)
AFX (1 slot)
Memory: max. 256M physical (same type as SPARCstation 4)
Harddrives: max. 2 Fast-SCSI drives with SCA-80 connectors, 1" high

A complete list of parts can be found in Sun's System Handbook: [SPARCstation 5]

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