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The AXi board is an UltraSPARC based motherboard in standard ATX format. It is very similar to those of a U5/U10, with the following exceptions:

The AXi board can be used in any PC-ATX case and has been used in many U10-clones like the Tatung COMPstation U10.

Tested Configurations

Aurora Version Configuration Remarks Reporter
1.0 Tatung COMPstation U10, 400MHz UltraSPARC IIi, Raptor GFX-8P (PGX32) frame buffer, 640MB RAM The Raptor is not 100% supported by the installer and can also cause trouble when switching between X and console. Also, you need to use XFree86 3.3.6 drivers, as XFree86 4.x does not (yet?) fully support this card. The 400MHz CPU came from an Ultra 5/400 and works well with this machine, even though it is not officially supported. Emgaron
1.92 Tatung COMPstation U10, 440MHz UltraSPARC IIi, Creator 3D Series 3 frame buffer, 1GB RAM Works! Emgaron

Detailed Specifications

(NOTE: Unfortunately, Sun seems to have removed these from the Sun System Handbook for unknown reasons).

CPU UltraSPARC-II i-series modules
270 MHz, 256 KB cache
300 MHz, 512 KB cache
333 MHz, 2 MB cache
360 MHz, 2 MB cache
360 MHz, 256 KB cache
440 MHz, 2 MB cache
PCI bus 6 slots: 32bit@33 MHz
Graphics slot 1 UPA-s for FFB card
Memory DRAM, 168 pin DIMMs, 3.3V, EDO 60nS 144 bits wide, 32 MB min, 1 GB max in 8 slots
Boot ROM 1 MB Flash with OBP

Serial 2 sync/async ports on 1 DB25P connector
"Y" splitter cable needed to access second port
Parallel port IEEE1284 1 port DB25S connector
SCSI Dual Channel Ultra wide, 68 pin mini SCSI
Internal and external connectors
Ethernet 10/100 Mb/sec RJ45 connector
Floppy drive Standard 3.5" FD on Internal connector
Keyboard/Mouse? Sun Keyboard/Mouse? port Type5
PS2 Keyboard/PS2 Mouse on additional adapter

Power Supply DC 250 W
+3.3V 13.0 A
+5V 20.0 A
-5V 0.5 A
+12V 8.0 A
-12V 0.8 A

Operating Non-operating
Temperature (ambient) 0C to 55C -40C to 70C
Air flow requirement 300 LFM at CPU heatsink
Humidity 5% to 95% RH 5% to 95% RH
non-condensing non-condensing
Shock 6 G s, 11 ms 15 G s, 11 ms
half sine wave, 10 shocks half sine wave, 3 shocks
Vibration 0.20 G s, 5~500Hz 1.0 G s, 5~500Hz
1 Octave/min, 2 sweeps 1 Octave/min, 2 sweeps
Altitude 10,000 ft (3,408 M) 40,000 ft (12,192 M)

Board style Standard ATX
Board size 12" (wide) x 9.6" (length)

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