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The Ultra 10 (A22) is a fairly common workstation class sun4u. This machine has the exact same mainboard as the Ultra 5. The only difference between the two machines is the case (U10: Midi-tower, U5: Desktop) and the supported CPU and memory configurations.

It differs from earlier Ultras in that it is designed to use more generic PC style parts such as IDE and PCI instead of SCSI and SBUS.

Some Ultra 10s are marked on the front as "Creator 3D", which means that at the time it was sold, the machine came with the Creator 3D frame buffer card.

The small mystery slot on the front of the case is for a PCMCIA addon, but these are quite rare.

Linux Notes: This machine works pretty well under Linux, but as a result of its low-grade IDE controller, DMA almost never works properly, and you'll almost definitely want to disable it for stability.

The Aurora Project owns several Ultra 10s.

Tested Configurations

Aurora Version Configuration Remarks Reporter
1.0 333MHz UltraSPARC-IIi, ATI 3D Rage Pro 215GP(?) video, 512MB RAM Never really used the video (headless over serial). Worked fine for years. Jima
2.0 440MHz UltraSPARC-IIi, ATI 3D Rage Pro 215GP and Sun Elite3D M3/M6 video, 256MB RAM Works fine as a full-fledged workstation, including video playback! Rathann
2.1 440MHz UltraSPARC-IIi, ATI 3D Rage Pro 215GP and Sun Elite3D M3/M6 video, 256MB RAM Works fine as a full-fledged workstation, including video playback! Note: see known problems Rathann

Known problems and workarounds

Problem: on Aurora 2.1 (unreleased) the X server running on sunffb hangs the machine after logging out of the X session.
Solution: none

Problem: when OBP console is set to the Elite3D card, the onboard ATI isn't initialized and is unusable under Linux
Symptoms: X complains:

(EE) ATI(0): Adapter has not been initialised.
Solution: set OBP screen device to pgx24:
ok setenv screen pgx24
ok reset-all
OBP output will be redirected to the onboard ATI card. You will still get Linux console on the Elite3D, but you'll be able to run X on either card and get output.

Detailed Specifications

(NOTE: These are the officially supported specifications - other hardware combinations may be possible but are not supported by Sun - see also Sun's System Handbook: [Ultra 10 Workstation])

CPU Architecture 300, 333, 360, or 440-MHz UltraSPARC-IIi
Cache Memory 16-KB instruction cache, 16-KB data cache
512-KB external cache for 300-MHz processor; 2 MB external cache for other processors
2 MB external for 333-MHz and 400-MHz processors
Main Memory Four DIMM slots
Install DIMMs in pairs (16 MB, 32 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB, and 256 MB DIMMs); quad provides best performance
1 GB maximum
Memory Type 50ns or 60ns 168-pin JEDEC DIMMs, ECC error-correction
Standard Interfaces
Audio Four audio ports: headphone(out), line-in, line-out and microphone(in) using EIA standard 0.125-inch (3.5-mm) jacks
Ethernet One ethernet/fast ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-T) twisted-pair standard connector (RJ-45), self-sensing
Graphics One graphics port (HD15), onboard 8- or 24-bit frame buffer
Keyboard/Mouse? One standard keyboard/mouse port (mini DIN-8)
Parallel One IEEE 1284 (bidirectional) parallel port (DB25)
PCI Four 32-bit PCI slots, full-size, 33 MHz, 5 volt
Serial One synchronous/asynchronous serial port (DB25); one asynchronous serial port (DB9)
UPA graphics slot One 100-MHz UPA graphics slot; supports Creator, Creator3D,and Elite3D high-performance graphics options
Disks Up to two 4.3 GB (4500 rpm) or 9.1/20.4 GB (7200 rpm), 3.5-in. Enhanced IDE HDD
Note: You can install a second disk if you remove the floppy and use the PCMCIA drive bay.
Floppy One 3.5-in. 1.44-MB floppy
CDROM One 24X-, 32X-, or 48X-speed CD-ROM
PCMCIA One front-access bay for third-party aftermarket options
AC input 90 - 132 VAC or 180 - 264 VAC (switch selectable), 47 - 63 Hz, 3 A (max), 0.3 KVA
Input Power 380W
Heat output 1287 BTU/hr
Temperature Operating: 5C to 35C (41F to 95F)
Nonoperating: -20C to 60C (4F to 140F)
Humidity Operating: 40% to 80% relative humidity, noncondensing
Nonoperating: 30% to 90% relative humidity, noncondensing
Altitude Operating: 3000 m (10,000 ft)
Nonoperating: 12,000 m (40,000 ft)
Acoustic noise Operating: 5.2 bels
Idling: 5.2 bels
Power U.S. NEMA 5-15P
Regulations Meets or exceeds the following requirements:
Safety UL 1950, CSA C22.2 No.950, TUV EN 60950, CB Scheme with Nordic deviations, EMKO-TSE (74-SEC)203, ZH1/618
RFI/EMI FCC Class B, DOC Class B, VCCI Class 2, EN 55022 Class B, EN 61000-3-2
Immunity EN 50082-1
X-ray DHHS 21 Subchapter J; PTB German X-ray Decree
Power management Energy Star compliant
Height 40.2 cm (15.8 in.)
Width 17.6 cm (6.9 in.)
Depth 43.5 cm (17.1 in.)
Weight 20.0 kg (44 lb.)

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