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There is not much surviving information about the early Tadpole portables. While it is certain that they were sparc32 systems, and likely that they were SPARC v7, most specifics are unknown.

Detailed Specifications

(NOTE: These are pieced together from a variety of sources, and may not be entirely accurate.)

CPU Architecture ?
Main Memory Two SIMM slots?
16 MB default
32 MB maximum?
Memory Type ?
Standard Interfaces
Audio Audio port of some type
Ethernet One ethernet (10BASE-T), requires AUI transceiver
Keyboard/Mouse? ?
SCSI Onboard SCSI of some type
Modem Onboard modem of some type
Display color TFT active-matrix LCD, 640x480
Disks SCSI drives
Default: 250MB drive
Floppy None

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