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With the goal of providing engineering and commercial workstation users an uncompromised portable computing solution, Tadpole Technology created the SPARCbook 3 family of upgradable workstation-class notebook computers. These SPARCbook 3 products were originally designed to be used as stand-alone systems, networked workstations, X-terminals and as general-use portable workstations.

There were (at least) eight different members of the SPARCbook 3 family:

SPARCbook 3 SPARCbook 3LC SPARCbook 3XP (also called S3XP) SPARCbook 3XS SPARCbook 3GX (also called S3GX) SPARCbook 3GS SPARCbook Server SPARCbook 3TX

The SPARCbook 3XP, 3GX, and Server contained MicroSPARC CPUs, PCMCIA Type I/II/III, removable SCSI hard drive, up to 128 MB of low profile 60ns 72pin parity SIMMs, a 14.4K baud modem, 16-bit DBRI audio, and a Weitek P9100 Graphics Accelerator chip with 2MB onboard for the framebuffer. The SPARCbook 3XP had an 85 MHz microSPARC II processor, and a 2 hour internal battery. The SPARCbook 3GX had a 110 MHz microSPARC II processor, and a better quality 800 x 600 10.4" active matrix TFT display. The SPARCbook Server had a 110 MHz microSPARC II processor, but only a 640 x 480 display. The SparcBook? 3TX (original retail price $16,950) incorporates Fujitsu's 170-MHz TurboSparc processor with 256 KB of Level 2 cache; 32 MB of DRAM, expandable to 128 MB; the 800 x 600 10.4-inch active-matrix TFT display.

Tadpole originally targeted the SPARCbook 3 family at the following market sectors:

    * Demonstration/Presentation? Software Developers, General
    * Mapping and Analysis GIS, Medical, Biotech
    * Equipment Maintenance Communications, Aerospace, Utilities
    * Technical Support Technical and Commercial
    * Software Development Technical and Commercial
    * Engineering Technical, Auto, CAD/CAM
    * Remote Trading Banking, Insurance, Brokerage
    * Disaster Recovery Banking, Trading, Communications
    * Mobile Training Centers Workstation and Software suppliers
    * Software Demonstration Software Developers


The Tadpole SPARCbook 3TX is one of only two known systems to use the Fujitsu TurboSPARC 170MHz (the other is a SPARCStation 5 variant).

Tested Configurations

Aurora Version Configuration Remarks Reporter
2.0 170MHz Fujitsu TurboSPARC, Weitek P9100 video, 128MB RAM X doesn't work, but framebuffer does. PCMCIA, audio, console mouse not functional. spot

Detailed Specifications

(NOTE: These are pieced together from a variety of sources, and may not be entirely accurate.)

CPU Architecture 170 MHz Fujitsu TurboSPARC
Main Memory Two SIMM slots
Install SIMMs in pairs (16 MB, 32 MB, 64 MB, DIMMs)
128 MB maximum
Memory Type 60ns 72pin parity SIMMs
Standard Interfaces
Audio Three audio ports: headphone(out), line-in, line-out
Ethernet One ethernet (10BASE-T), requires AUI transceiver
Keyboard/Mouse? One standard Sun keyboard/mouse port (mini DIN-8)
SCSI Fast SCSI-2, Internal/External (50 pin)
Modem 14.4 K
ISDN ISDN device
Disks SCSI drives
Floppy None

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