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The SunVideo Plus is a PCI based capture board. It is a rebranded version of the ViewCast? Osprey 1500 Card and is binary compatible with the earlier SBUS SunVideo? cards.

Feature Description
Video inputs/outputs Two Composite IN, one S-Video In
Input Formats NTSC or PAL
Video Sampling YUV (4:2:2)
Audio Inputs Line In or Microphone In(shared jack)
Audio Outputs Headphone Out, Line Out
Video Compression CellB?, H.261, JPEG, MPEG1(CIF I-FRAME) - NTSC only
Uncompressed Video Formats YUV, 8-bit RGB, 24-bit RGB, 8-bit Y
Audio Codecs G.711 (Alaw, µlaw), G.722, G.728, PCM (8- or 16-bit), Acoustic Echo Suppression (AES)
Audio Sampling Up to 44 Khz
Audio Output Levels 4Vpp for Headphone
Hardware Platforms PCI-bus Sun System
Bus Slot Type Single Slot, Half Length

Frame Rates

Compressor Frame Rate
H.261 CIF - 20-28fps, QCIF - 30 fps
CellB? 12 fps
Direct capture and display 30 fps
JPEG 30 fps
MPEG1 I-Frame 30 fps

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