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The SunPC is a family of i486 and i586 single board computers with SBUS connections, designed to use in SPARCStations and some early Ultras.

Not terribly common, not terribly useful. These cards do not work in Linux, and this is not likely to change unless Sun releases detailed hardware specifications, or a driver.

Under Solaris, it is theoretically possible to run Linux, or old versions of Windows.

This is the grandfather of the SunPCI boards.

Name Sun Part# Specs
SunPC Accelerator SX 501-1980 i486 16 MHz
SunPC Accelerator DX 501-1981 i486 25 MHz
SunPC Accelerator DX2 501-2874 i486 66 MHz
SunPC 501-4230 i586 133 MHz

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