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(Information partly taken from [Obsolyte.com])

The SPARCstation LX (Codename "Sunergy") is also known as a Sun 4/30. Its a sun4m box (without mbus), in the lunchbox chassis.

The Classic and LX were the end of the line for the "Lunchbox" chassis. Sun managed to squeeze a large amount of computer into a very small package, but as a result, there are changes to the chassis as compared to an IPC or IPX machine.

For example, because there are way more ports on the rear than an IPC or IPX would have, the rear "feet" are not feet at all, but simply rubber pads with a bit of purple plastic around the outer edges of the case the make them look like feet.

Although Sun eventually used rubber pads with all their machines (the most notable being the Aurora chassis used on the Sparcstation 4, 5 and 20), here it seems a little weird, only because the front feet are the same as earlier IPC chassis.

Also, with this much computer, cooling and power supply requirements become a signifigant issue. A completely 'loaded' LX probably generates quite a bit of heat, and taxes it's powersupply to the maximum.

Linux Notes: The LX has an onboard ISDN-adapter (basic-rate). A long time ago it was supported (kernel 2.2.0-5) but not anymore, alas! As there was nobody interested in it anymore (people use ISDN?), it was forgotten. Also, the DBRI audio driver has yet to make an appearance in ALSA, and thus, is not in 2.6 kernels (there is a DBRI driver in OSS, so 2.4 kernels have support for DBRI).

Tested Configurations

Aurora Version Configuration Remarks Reporter
1.0, 1.92 50MHz microSPARC, Sun GX video, 96MB RAM Never really used the video (headless over serial). Worked fine for years. Makes an incredibly reliable, if rather slow, small form factor firewall. Jima
1.0, 1.92 50MHz microSPARC, Sun GX video, 48MB RAM Never really used the video (headless over serial). Worked fine for years. Makes an incredibly reliable, if rather slow, small form factor firewall. Jima

Detailed Specifications

CPU Architecture 50MHz microSPARC
Cache Memory 16-KB instruction cache, 16-KB data cache
Main Memory Six SIMM slots
Install SIMMs in pairs, in Banks One, then Banks Two, then Banks Three)
If using 4MB SIMMs and 16MB SIMMs, the 4MB SIMMs should be banked first.
32 MB SIMMs will work in Banks One (only), even though Sun never says so
128 MB maximum (Sun says 96 MB)
Memory Type 60ns 72-pin SIMMs
Video Memory 1MB VSIMM standard, expandable to 2MB
Standard Interfaces
Audio DBRI 16-bit audio chip
Ethernet One ethernet(10BASE-T) twisted-pair standard connector (RJ-45), self-sensing
Graphics One graphics port (DB13W3), onboard 8bit GX (cg6) framebuffer
Keyboard/Mouse One standard keyboard/mouse port (mini DIN-8)
Parallel One IEEE 1284 (bidirectional) parallel port (DB25)
SBUS Two SBUS slots, 20 MHz
SCSI Fast SCSI-2, Internal/External
Serial One synchronous/asynchronous serial port (DB25)
Disks Shipped with 207MB, 424MB, 535MB, or 1.05GB SCSI drives
Floppy One 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive, Triple Density, 1.44 MB
DC input +5, +12, and -12 volts
Nominal Frequencies 50 Hz or 60 Hz nominal
Nominal Voltage Range 100-120 Vac or 200-240 Vac (100-240 Vac Auto)
Max Current AC RMS * 2 A @ 100-120 Vac, 1 A @ 200-240 Vac
AC Operating Range 87-264 Vrms, 47-63 Hz
Max VA Range 153.8 VA
Input Power 107.7 Watts
Heat Output 367.5 BTU/hr
Temperature Operating: 10C to 40C (50F to 104F)
Nonoperating: 20C to 75C (-4F to 167F)
Humidity Operating: 20% to 80% relative humidity, noncondensing (at 40C (104F))
Wet Bulb Operating: 25C (77F) maximum
Nonoperating: 46C (115F) maximum
Altitude 0 to 3048 m (0 to 10,000 ft)
Vibration Operating: 5-22 Hz, 0.01 inches p-p; 22-500 Hz, 0.25 g p-p
Nonoperating: 5-22 Hz, 0.02 inches p-p; 22-500 Hz, 0.5 g p-p
Shock 5 g pk, 10 msec 1/2 sine wave
Regulations Meets or exceeds the following requirements:
Safety UL 1950, CSA C22.2 No. 950, TUV EN 60950, ZH1/618
RFI/EMI FCC Class B, DOC Class B, VCCI Class 2
X-ray DHHS 21 Subchapter J; PTB German X-ray Decree
Height 11.8 cm (4.6 in.)
Width 24.5 cm (9.6 in.)
Depth 26.4 cm (10.4 in.)
Weight 4.95 kg (11.0 lb.)

More information (e.g. on components) can be found in Sun's System Handbook: [Sun-4/10/15/30 Handbook]

Additional Pictures

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