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In a way, the SPARCstation 10 can be seen as the predecessor of the SPARCstation 20. It also has an MBUS capable of up to 4 CPUs (on two modules), but with 40MHz, it is slower than the 50MHz of the SPARCstation 20. Like the SPARCstation LX, the SPARCstation 10 has an ISDN interface on board. Sound, however, is not built-in, but only available with an external speaker-box. Other than that, the connections are what you would expect: Serial port, parallel port, 10baseT network and SCSI. Two narrow SCSI harddrives can be mounted and all 10's I've seen so far had a floppy drive (but no space to mount a CD-ROM).

More information can be found in the [SPARCstation 10 Handbook] from Sun. Obsolyte also has an article on the [SparcStation 10].

Several manufacturers produced clones of this machine, like the [Axil 311]? or the [Solair WS19]?.

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