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From Wikipedia:

The SPARCstation 1 (or Sparc 4/60. Sun4c architecture) is a SPARC-based SunOS? computer sold by Sun Microsystems from April 1989 (end of Sun support was 1995). A workstation, the computer was designed for ease of production with heavy integration in a distinctive slim enclosure (a square 3 inch high "pizza box"). It was designed to compete in the market with high-end PCs or Macs and sold for between $8,995 (no hard disks) and around $20,000. In the first year around 35,000 units were sold.

The computer was based around a LSI Logic RISC CPU running at 20 MHz, with a Weitek 3167 (or 3170) FPU coprocessor, it was the second Sun computer to use SPARC architecture. The system could support a maximum of 64 MB of RAM (shipped with 8 MB) and came with either one or two 104 MB SCSI-2 hard disks and a single 1.44 Mb or 720 KB floppy drive. The motherboard offered three SBus slots and had built-in AUI ethernet nad 8 KHz audio. The basic display ran at 1152x900 in 256 colours, monitors were 16 to 19 inch greyscale or colour.

The SPARCstation 1+ (4/65) pushed the CPU to a 25 MHZ LSI L64801, upgraded the coprocessor to a Weitek 3172 and installed a new SCSI controller.

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