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(format shamelessly stolen from Emgaron)

Jima is:

Most easily found on irc.freenode.net

I currently own (and care about):

SPARCstation LX ("wtf")
Cute little IPmasq router at a friend's house. (1.92)
SPARCstation 4 ("tmi")
Extremely reliable backup DNS/mail server. (1.92)
SPARCstation 4 ("mead")
SPARCstation 4 ("unf")
Okay, it's my wife's now. Presently offline, due to high energy bills. (1.92)
SPARCstation 20 ("gridlock")
Also offline, for the same reason. Was dead for a while; it turned out to be the second CPU. (1.92)
Ultra 1 ("yum")
Web server. (1.92)
Ultra 1 ("coffee")
IPmasq router at my in-laws' house. (1.92)
Ultra 1 ("chux")
Shell box for the Northfield Linux User Group. (1.92)
Ultra 2 ("blackout")
No idea yet; I just got it. (1.0, hopefully Corona RSN)
Ultra 5 ("booze")
Aurora 1.92 development host. (1.92, obviously)
Ultra 10 ("beer")
Aurora 1.0 development host, long-standing shell box. (1.0, obviously)

Other machines I work with:

SPARCclassic? ("hex")
Another lunchbox IPmasq router. (1.92)
SPARCstation 5 ("anti")
DNS server. (1.92)
SPARCstation 5 ("defiant")
Presently not doing anything useful. (1.92)

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