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Emgaron is:

Thomas Ribbrock <emgaronATgmx.net> http://www.ribbrock.org/

I'm located in the Netherlands and have been dabbling with all sorts of Sparcs for the past years - just because I like them somehow... :-)

I currently own:

[SPARCstation IPX]? (2x)
At the moment, they're not doing anything - nice monitor stand, though... And no, I'm not going to sell them - I wrote my final thesis on one of those, so I'm quite sentimental about it... ...besides, lunchbox SPARCS are just sooo cute! ;-) I actually planned on using one of them as server for a tape drive and/or scanner - but discovered that both have empty NVRAMs, which I need to fix first... :-(
[[Solair DTKstation/Classic?+]]
This is a Solair clone of the [SPARCstation Classic]?, though in a case more like the SPARCstation 10. I got it as a gift and haven't decided what to do with it. Currently, it has OpenBSD? 3.9 installed.
[Solair WS19L]? ("detritus")
At least that's what it says on the box... This is a clone of the SPARCstation 10 and has one SM61 in it. I got this one together with the Classic+. I'm currently trying to install Aurora 2.0 on it, aiming to make this machine my scanner server.
SPARCstation 20 ("verence")
It has two SM71 and a 8MB VSIMM. I use it to experiment with Aurora. It used to be my last sun4m machine until someone gave me the two Solair machines...
Ultra 10/400 ("lancre") and Ultra 10/440
One of those is running [OpenBSD] and is my firewall/webserver/fileserver. The other one is basically a backup box. Both have SCSI cards and a second ethernet connection. The 400MHz CPU in the first of the two is non-standard, by the way - it came from a U5/400 which I once owned.
Tatung COMPstation U10 ("shawn")
Another U10 - well, sort of. Based on the AXi board, this machine is a lot more interesting than an actual U10 - it's a "U10 done right[tm]"... Mine has a Creator 3D Series 3 and a 440MHz UltraSPARC IIi CPU. It's one of my main Aurora machines.
Solair Ultra 2 ("agnes")
Another clone. It's virtually identical to a 'real' U2 - only the case is different. This one came with two 360MHz UltraSPARC II CPUs, which I found interesting, as these CPUs are not officially supported in Sun's U2. Works flawlessly, though, making it my second main Aurora box. This one has a Creator frame buffer as well - and a Sun Video card, which is why it will probably become a dual boot machine (with Solaris 10) at some point.
Ultra 60 ("lu-tze"/"gytha")
The crown of my personal SPARC collection, with two 450MHz UltraSPARC II CPUs, two Creator 3D Series 3 frame buffers a SunPCI card and a bunch of RAM. Even though my PC still has more grunt than this baby, I use it quite often. It is dual booting Solaris 10/Aurora? 1.92 at the moment.

I have owned in the past:

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